Your unique genius

                                                   Your unique genius


Often the one thing we most want to hide from the world is what brings us our unique genius.

I always tell this to my acting students. Your flaws are a gold mind. Your flaws are what make people feel connected to one another. You can’t love a character, or even love to hate a character, if you can’t relate to them somehow, even if it’s a teeny, tiny point of shared humanity; a crooked smile or a soft heart.

Bearing this in mind, my new intention for 2014 is to embrace my “faults.”

I have recently been certified as a Martha Beck Life Coach. I spent this past year in training with some brilliant minds and hearts from all over the world. I find myself surrounded by PHD’s and professional therapists all seeking to learn this form of helping people to move beyond a normal level of functioning (what is normal anyway?) and into a full, joyful, meaningful life.

So, what I bring to the table is different. I’m an actor. I’m a director. I can spot thoughts, which motivate behavior a mile a way. I’m trained to identify intentions, actions and all those things, which make people suffer or make people soar, and I’m trained to get to them quickly. How else could I have survived thirty years in soap operas processing sixty pages of dialogue a day!

But I’m different.  This scared me at first; I don’t have the “lingo”…at all. In fact I stutter, stammer and sometimes find myself in a messy, albeit enthusiastic, metaphor that I can’t get out of. I come from acting academies, not academia. I still think of my office as my dressing room! I cant help but approach each client like I would if I were directing them in a film, I go through all the mental warm ups which allow me to clear my mind and be present so I can listen.  I’m curious, non-judgmental, and I’m passionate about getting to the specifics, the root of the issue at hand.

So, when I found myself trying to be and sound like some of the other coach trainees, I thought, “what am I doing?” “ This is not who I am or what I want. Stick to what you know.”

And so I did, and so I am.

And, the very quality I felt I needed to disguise and muddy, is the one that is drawing my clients towards me.


So now I ask myself; what’s perfect about not being perfect?


Happy New Year!

Discover what makes you shine –  Liz  xo





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